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Discover Tuesdays: Suntan – Tuesday 20 June

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Discover TuesdaysRichard Stow, senior designer and illustrator at Picturehouse, lends us his thoughts – and provides us with an illustrated postcard – ahead of this week’s Discover Tuesdays presentation of midlife crisis comedy Suntan.

Well, where do I start? Suntan is messed up. In a good way. Think Wake In Fright meets Fatal Attraction. It’s one of those films where you leave the cinema screen in total silence, in search of a stiff drink so you can chat about what you’ve just seen. Even now, I write this wishing I had a bit more time to process what happened.

Suntan-blogSuntan – aka “there’s no fool like an old fool” – is a beautifully observed unravelling of a not-so-beautiful holiday romance on a small Greek island. When an attractive young tourist takes a shine to local middle-aged doctor Kostis, his life may never be the same again. I realise that sounds cliché, but in this case the way his affections take hold means he may never recover!

Full of bums, willies, volleyball, hairy chests and more bums, the film also features a superb rendition of Torvill and Dean’s Olympic-winning Bolero routine on the dance floor. It’s a hedonistic rollercoaster that may well be my favourite big-screen examination of the good ol’ midlife crisis.

Like me, you might give Greek package holidays the cold, pasty-white shoulder. Or you might love them. Either way, this is a stellar film that’s not to be missed.

RS, 42, from Tottenham.

Suntan plays as part of Discover Tuesdays on Tuesday 20 June. Find your cinema and book tickets.



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