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Discover Tuesdays: The Love Witch – Tuesday 14 March


Discover TuesdaysLee Anderson, Assistant Manager at Regal Picturehouse, Henley-on-Thames, reviews this week’s Discover Tuesdays’ title, The Love Witch

Shot completely on 35mm film it is clear that The Love Witch has been styled as a very glam but campy 60/70s horror film. The fashion reminds me of the stylings in Breakfast At Tiffany’s – elegant, bold and brightly coloured. The opening reminds me of the ending of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service when Bond is driving away after his wedding. This time, however, without the fatal shooting and, of course, the ‘Love Witch’ in the driving seat.

Samantha Robinson (Misogynist, Dream Girl) plays our female heroine Elaine, a Wiccan looking for the man of her dreams, after her ex-husband left her … or so you are made to believe. She is a strong, powerful and independent woman looking for that man who will both love her and match her passion and strength. And she has such a sway over the men in the town that whenever she looks at one, he seems unable to resist her allure, and will do anything she wants with destructive results.

She meets Wayne, the first in a long line of men and having succeeded in seducing him, things take a turn for the worst, which results in a local cop (Keys) looking into our leading lady in more detail with interesting results.

Biller brings us a wonderful and delightful view of both femininity and domesticity with intriguing shots that scream of violence, cutting from a spade digging a shallow grave to a spoon delving into a chocolate cake, or from a bloody suicide to a raspberry-topped cheesecake.

She has created a film that is fun, exciting and almost Hitchcock-like. A must-see, for anyone who enjoys the hammer house of horror meets Valley Of The Dolls.

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