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Picturehouse Podcast: Anna Biller on The Love Witch


Director Anna Biller joins us via Skype to talk about The Love Witch. Coming to Picturehouse Cinemas on 14 March for Discover Tuesdays with feminist horror film collective The Final Girls

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screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-10-00-21 The Final Girls in partnership with Picturehouse Discover Tuesdays present Anna Biller’s The Love Witch; a spellbinding homage to 1970s sexploitation films and technicolour melodramas of the 1960s. Shot in sumptuous 35mm, the film follows Samantha Robinson in her breakout performance as Elaine, a beautiful, young witch determined to find a man to (literally) charm into loving her. However, once entranced by her potions, Elaine realises that each one of her hapless victims is not what she desires. Soaked in Biller’s unique visual style, The Love Witch is a stylish throwback and remarkable examination of female desire.

The film will play at Picturehouse Cinemas across the UK as part of the Discover Tuesdays weekly slot. There will be a hosted screening and extended introduction from The Final Girls at Picturehouse Central.

Tickets are on sale now

2 thoughts on “Picturehouse Podcast: Anna Biller on The Love Witch

  1. Why isn’t ‘The Love Witch’ film on general release so showing at other times at Picturehouse at FACT in Liverpool? Or will it be in future can you please tell me?

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