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Picturehouse Podcast: Fences with Viola Davis

Fences (2016) Russell Hornsby as Lyons, Viola Davis as Rose Maxson, Denzel Washington as Troy Maxson and Stephen McKinley Henderson as Jim Bono

We’re delighted to be joined by Viola Davis for a quick chat about her BAFTA-winning Best Supporting Actress role in Fences. In cinemas now.


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fences-1Denzel Washington and Viola Davis both won Tony Awards for their performances in the stage version of August Wilson’s passionately acted drama.

This film adaptation is Washington’s third feature outing as director, and his deep understanding of the issues at the heart of a still racially divided America underpins a story which is primarily about difficult family relationships.

Canny, hard-nosed blue-collar worker Troy (Washington) and stoical Rose (Davis) are the parents of three variously troubled boys in 1950s Pittsburgh. The tone is set early on when teenager Cory (Jovan Adepo) asks his dad, “How come you never liked me?” and Troy replies, “What law is there saying I got to like you?” There’s much wit and affection in all the characters, but ultimately it’s a film about secrets and buried emotions.


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