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Who is Kenneth Anger?


Discover TuesdaysWe’ll be playing a selction of Kenneth Anger short films as part of our Discover Tuesdays strand on Tuesday 18 April. Jo Blair, Senior Programmer & Arts Manager at Picturehouse Cinemas gives an introduction to Kenneth Anger.

Kenneth Anger is one of the greatest underground filmmakers, and is often categorised within the world of experimental or artists’ film. But his influence is too broad and his films – all of them shorts – too exceptional not to be known and appreciated more widely. He apparently prefers to be referred to as an ‘independent’ filmmaker, saying: “I don’t work for anyone else and I’ve never wanted to. I want maximum freedom with minimum restrictions. I never knocked on the door of any studio. They’re run like feudal systems. I couldn’t work in that world so I created my own.” (Read the full interview here).

Martin Scorsese was heavily inspired by Anger’s 1965 short Scorpio Rising: “I was entranced by Scorpio Rising when I saw it for the first time, and it’s had a powerful effect on me and my own films over the years. The way Anger used music in that film, in such perfectly magical harmony with the images, opened my thinking about the role music could play in movies. It could become as important to the characters and the world of the film as it was to all of us at the time.” (Read the full interview here).


David Lynch and John Waters are amongst other well-known fans, and Anger’s work is frequently mentioned in relation to the evolution of the music video.

We are pleased to announce that we will be showing a selection of Anger’s films on 18 April in our regular Discover Tuesdays strand.

In mid-March, look out for a blog piece from film academic and Picturehouse programmer Deborah Allison, who has studied and written widely on Anger. It will also be available as programme notes in cinemas on 18 April.

In the meantime, we have gathered some of the best writing and interviews about him on the web that explore various aspects of his work and interests:

Neo-Nazi botherer
Queer filmmaker

Kenneth Anger Films will be playing as part of Discover Tuesdays on Tuesday 18 April. Book tickets here.


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