Delta 7, stars of the Picturehouse Members’ Short Film Competiiton, release debut single!

Membership roundel-01If you have been to one of our cinemas in the last few months you may have seen We Rise – a short film playing ahead of features – which was the winning entry of our Members’ Short Film Competition. The brainchild of Rosie Baldwin, a Member of The Ritzy in Brixton, the short documentary is about a rock band from Eastbourne, East Sussex, called Delta 7. It tells the uplifting story of how seven individuals with learning disabilities have come together to express themselves through music and challenge stereotypes.

Following the limelight of being on the silver screen, Delta 7 are now taking the next steps in their music career and will launch their catch debut single, ‘The Jungle’, today.

We Rise

Delta 7 is a seven-piece rock band from Eastbourne, East Sussex, who write and perform all their own material. Band members Mikey, Fraser, Elliot, Harry, David, Craig and Speedy have different personalities, talents and disabilities. But their shared love of performing, positive energy and mutual support allows them to create music that is infectious and inspiring, making Delta 7 an uplifting and powerful voice for everyone who feels a little outside ‘the mainstream’ of society.

The official track and pop video for the band’s debut single ‘The Jungle’ is released today to raise money for Culture Shift, the organisation that brought the band together and continues to support them and others with disabilities in the south of England.

The track and music video is available via all major digital music channels. All profits from every sale will go towards the charity in order to support the ambitions of the band to continue making music and perform more widely. So they can inspire others and speak for everyone in society who understands what it is to feel ‘different’.

Download ‘The Jungle’ on iTunes

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