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Robots At The Science Museum

Robots at the Science Museum

Picturehouse Central has teamed up with the Science Museum to give away ten pairs of tickets for Picturehouse Central Members to the museum’s next blockbuster exhibition, Robots.

For the chance to win, email us at central@picturehouses.co.uk with your full name and Membership number, and with ‘Science Museum: Robots’ in the subject line.

The competition closes at midnight on Monday 23 January. The winners will be picked at random and contacted by email. Terms and conditions apply.

Space scout, 1970s, Japan. ® The Board Of Trustees Of The Science Museum.

Robots: The 500-Year Quest To Make Machines Human

Robots fascinate us: the way they are almost lifelike, the endless possibilities that their technology offers, and the fear that they may one day take over our jobs or our world.

But where does this fascination come from? How did it begin? Robots have been at the heart of popular culture since the word ‘robot’ was first used in 1920, but their fascinating story dates back many centuries.

The Science Museum will explore the rich history, technology and culture of robotics in a brand new exhibition. Opening on 8 February, Robots charts the remarkable 500-year story of humanoid robots, including some of our favourites from science fiction.

A replica of Maria from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis features in the exhibition. Maria is a timeless icon and the inspiration for generations of robots captured on film, including C3P0 from Star Wars. However, Maria was not called a robot in Metropolis but a Maschinenmensch – a human machine. She represented a deep unease about the place of humans in a world overtaken by machines.

An arm from CRONOS ECCE1, the first anthropomimetic robot, 2005. ® The Board Of Trustees Of The Science Museum

Also part of the exhibition is a T-800 endoskeleton used in the film Terminator Salvation. One of the most memorable robot villains captured on celluloid, the Terminator has played a prominent role in shaping modern preconceptions of what robots might be.

But robots have also helped us better understand ourselves. Acting like mirrors for society, robots show how our hopes, fears and dreams have changed over the centuries.

Robots is at the Science Museum in London from 8 February to 3 September 2017.

To find out more and book your tickets, visit sciencemuseum.org.uk/robots


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