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New Exhibition In Central Members’ Bar: Sculpting Energy – Artworks By Jez Prior


Fruity Loops And Loony Toons (acrylic on canvas)

Central Logo CMYK 96%Picturehouse Central Members’ Bar is hosting a new exhibition of paintings by Jez Prior – artworks of exquisite beauty, exuberant imagery and passionate vibration. Conjuring an effervescent moment of wonder and awe in bringing to light the patterns of our thoughts, feelings and dreams, each work is charged with an undeniable and magnetic element of joy, along with all the complex impressions and moods it evokes.

I do not use painting to document reality in any way, or plan the painting before it is begun. Instead I rely on my intuition and feelings to find methods that allow me to create paintings without a ‘subject’ as such, that become objects in their own right and are truly abstract, reflecting an experience or feeling.

– Jez Prior

Having graduated in Fine Art at the University of East London in 2016, Jez Prior is now embarking on a new journey as an emerging yet mature contemporary artist.

Portrait Of The Fragile Mind (acrylic on canvas)

He learned landscape oil painting techniques from his grandfather in childhood, began selling paintings as a teenager, and attended the Hornsey School Of Art from 1976 to 1978. Then, finding himself in the midst of an electric atmosphere of artistic innovation in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Jez abandoned the idea of being a painter, joined a post-punk band, and began a career in the music business that included performing, management, production, and finally tutoring.

Years later, after countless nights of recurring dreams filled with vibrant imagery that simply required materialisation, Jez rediscovered painting as a source of deeply personal emotional enquiry. The paintings in the exhibition at the Central Members’ Bar testify to the wide variety of themes and techniques that have been dominant in his painting practice so far, as well as to his commitment to experimentation and authenticity ­– constantly developing, never repeating, transforming rather than transposing.

Jez’s artworks are in many respects evolving energy imprints, communicating with the viewer not only by shape, texture and colour… They have a resonance that is palpable, a wonderfully subtle sound – they are musical paintings. The artist has indeed come full circle.

All artworks are for sale.

You can contact Jez Prior by email at jezpriorsound@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.jezprior.com

A Good Idea Obscuring A Pattern (acrylic on canvas)

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