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Discover Tuesdays: Desierto – Tuesday 22 November


discover-tuesdays-mubi-roundelDesierto could not be more timely given the result of the US election and Donald Trump’s comments regarding his plans to build a wall at the US/Mexican border.

After the huge success of Gravity, filmmakers Jonas and Alfonso Cuarón return with Desierto, a blistering thriller following a small group of hopeful Mexican immigrants as they are led across the border into the promised land of America.

The film features a fantastic cast led by BAFTA nominee Gael García Bernal as Moises, a young father travelling to the US to be reunited with his daughter. When his group are set upon by a dangerously deranged American gunman (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a deadly game of cat and mouse unfolds.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan brings the same level of intensity, aggression and unpredictability that has seen audiences rave about his performance as the maniacal oppressor Negan in The Walking Dead. His one-man mission to rid his homeland of anyone he deems unworthy of the stars and stripes is as unrelenting and savage as the desert around them.

As you would expect from filmmakers with the Cuaróns’ talent, the desert is brought to life as a danger all of its own through a contrast of sweeping shots of its vast, open plains and close-ups of blistering rocky outcrops and hazardously deep ravines. Coupled with the score and Bernal and Morgan’s outstanding performances, these create a real sense of dread and unease to mirror the frantic death match on screen.

Desierto draws you in and doesn’t let go. It will leave you terrified and asking yourself: what would I be willing to do to survive?

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