Sign In To The Picturehouse App Now

Version 1.0 of the Picturehouse ticket booking app for iOS and Android is here – and it’s all about making your booking experience better on mobile.

Google Play for Android
App Store for iOS

Take the new app out for a spin and let us know what you think. Watch this space for even more exciting new updates – we’ll let you know when additional features and integrations are launched.

Picturehouse Members – How to sign in

Membership roundel-01Picturehouse Members can sign in to the ticket booking app using the email address linked to their Membership account and their existing password. If you have forgotten your password, request a new one by  selecting the “Forgotten password?” link at

If you have never signed-in to your online account before you must activate your Membership Card. You can do this at and following the instructions.

Why sign in?

Picturehouse Members will be able to update their personal information, view purchase history (up to 30 days), check on rewards, use a virtual Membership card if you’ve left your physical card at home and regularly book tickets without populating your information again and again. The app is also integrated with Apple Wallet (Passbook) and further exciting new feature will be added in the near future. Currently, Members cannot use their free tickets credits using the app or book for more than one Member.

In order to book Member tickets (£2 discount), persons must sign in using their email linked to their Membership account.


Its all in the details. Thank you for using version 1.0 of the app. We are constantly making changes to improve performance and will be launching exciting new features in the future. In the meantime, if you have noticed anything that needs fixing or want to let us know what you think, please complete our feedback form.

Known Issues:

Please note that we are aware of the following issues with this first version of the app.and each of these points will be fixed with the next version, coming this Spring.

Once logged in, Picturehouse Members can only book Member tickets (£2 discount) for themselves only and not other Members in the same transaction.

If you need to, you cannot activate your Membership Card within the app and have to navigate to

HTML markup tags in the synopses are a bit distracting.

There is no explanation of what “points” are on the Membership page.

Meerkat Movies voucher codes do not work.

Does not support Apple Pay.

15 thoughts on “Sign In To The Picturehouse App Now

  1. As you realise a very beta version But has great potential if we can book tickets directly! The home layout seems to be confusing in knowing what films are available to book in the future. Also would like the special events to be flagged early for members (a push notification?)so we can book early! As a member it would be good to remind me of my benefits relevant to the area of my local cinema. You provide a great service! If I can help further let me know.

  2. Can tickets booked under your membership card be added to Apple Wallet? If they can it’s not obvious how from the booked tickets screen. If not, that would be an excellent feature.

  3. Great to have an app, but currently not much use as I want to book using my free membership tickets.

    Could you also add a simple membership section that shows you how many free tickets you have remaining?

    Looking forward to seeing how the app develops


  4. This app has great potential. Some feedback below
    1. Be able to buy member’s free tickets in the app
    2. See how many free tickets remaining on membership / account page
    3. Be able to choose more than 5 cinemas for listings
    4. Be able to filter movies for only “standard” experience screenings (i.e. exclude the special experiences)
    5. Be able to leave app feedback via the feedback form (Doesn’t open – Javascript issue)
    6. Phone number format in booking not relevant for mobile (minor issue)
    7. Support Android Pay for payment

  5. Have tried to use a Gift Card that has credit (£100+) but get “The Voucher You Supplied Is Not Valid” after scanning the QR code. The card is valid as I’ve been able to use it at the ticket desk.

  6. I echo comments above re free tickets. The app should allow you to use them, and show how many you have left. I also agree that the points shown should be explained.

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