Zombies Board Train To Busan At Picturehouse Cinemas


Culture Shock roundel-01

Dress as a zombie over the Halloween weekend and claim a discounted ticket to see Train To Busan!

To celebrate the release of the critically acclaimed apocalypse horror, we are offering a £2 discount to cinemagoers dressed as zombies over the Halloween weekend, from Friday 28 October to Monday 31 October.

To claim the offer, zombies will need to book on the day at the Box Office of any of our cinemas screening Train To Busan. Only the living dead or customers with satisfactory zombie make-up and/or attire can claim the promotion. Discounts will be awarded at the discretion of cinema management.

“One of the best horrors of the year: innovative, effective and more terrifying than a rail replacement bus service.” ★★★★ Empire

“Best film of the year.” – Jonathan Ross

Director: Sang-ho Yeon.
Starring: Yoo Gong, Soo-an Kim. South Korea 2016. 118 mins. Korean with English subtitles.

Arrogant Seok Woo (Gong) and his daughter (Kim) are making the 270-mile HST journey from Seoul to see her mother in Busan. But there are hints of worker unrest – which, it soon transpires, is not unconnected with a zombie virus outbreak. This flesh-eating thriller ramps up the claustrophobia by being set aboard the train, while digital trickery, old-school make-up and ingenious stunts keep the tension acute.

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