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Culture Shock Presents Universal Monsters


Culture Shock roundel-01Horror lies at the heart of Universal Pictures. The cinema of fear is a dark art the studio has been practising for over a century, with a hoard of the genre’s greatest creations haunting its vaults. Now the monsters are stirring again as we present a programme of the Universal canon, all restored in 2K.

Universal Monsters dates vary at participating cinemas. Explore the season by selecting a title below or scroll to the bottom of the page and select your local Picturehouse.

From Friday 14 October

Dracula (PG)


Director: Tod Browning
Starring: Bela Lugosi. USA 1931. 74 mins.

Bela Lugosi takes his first bite out of Bram Stoker’s Gothic horror. Donning the now-iconic black cape, he laid the foundation for future generations of movie vampires, and for the genre as a whole.

From Friday 21 October

Frankenstein (PG)


Director: James Whale
Starring: Boris Karloff. USA 1931. 70 mins.

Boris Karloff cemented his horror legacy by bringing Frankenstein’s Monster to life. The mythology of neck bolts, electricity-fuelled resurrections and brain implants gone wrong began here, not in Mary Shelley’s novel.

From Friday 28 October

The Mummy (PG)


Director: Karl Freund
Starring: Boris Karloff. USA 1932. 73 mins.

Karloff created another iconic monster in Imhotep, a vengeful ancient Egyptian priest who seeks to be reunited with his true love after 3,000 years. Dracula cinematographer Karl Freund directed this mysterious chiller.

From Friday 4 November

The Invisible Man (PG)


Director: James Whale.
Starring: Claude Rains, USA 1933. 72 mins.

Claude Rains made his American film debut as Dr Griffin, H.G. Wells’s scientist turned invisible psychopath. Helped along by some impressive matte work and trick photography, Rains conjures his considerable screen presence through voice alone.

From Friday 11 November

The Bride Of Frankenstein (PG)


Director: James Whale
Starring: Boris Karloff, Elsa Lanchester. USA 1935. 75 mins.

Love hurts for Karloff’s Monster in this sequel, as he finds himself at the mercy of enraged townsfolk and an uninterested bride – memorably realised by a shock-eyed, tower-haired Elsa Lanchester.

From Friday 18 November

The Wolf Man (PG)


Director: George Waggner.
Starring: Lon Chaney Jnr. USA 1941. 70 mins.

Lon Chaney Jnr stepped out from his father’s illustrious shadow with his most memorable role as Larry Talbot, a young man who haunts the wilds of Wales after turning into a werewolf.

From Friday 25 November

Creature From The Black Lagoon (PG)


Director: Jack Arnold.
Starring: Julie Adams, Richard Carlson. USA 1954. 79 mins.

A half-human, half-fish creature – another iconic creation from the Universal special effects team – disrupts a research party deep in the Amazon, and kidnaps a beautiful young scientist in the process.

Find your cinema…

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Exeter Picturehouse

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Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool

Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford

Harbour Lights, Southampton

City Screen, York


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