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Discover Tuesdays: Now! That’s What I Call Short Film 2016 – Tue 4 Oct


discover-tuesdays-mubi-roundelJenna Roberts from London Short Film Festival previews this week’s Discover Tuesdays presentation, a compilation of the year’s short film greatest hits.

We’re the London Short Film Festival and we do pretty much what we say on the tin. Short film’s kinda our thing, and this Discover Tuesdays is only our very best. Now! That’s What I Call Short Film ‘16 is all of our ‘greatest hits’ and personal favourites from our 2016 festival back in January – expect cats, drag, bad dates, radio phone-ins and some minor police intervention (from the shorts, of course).

Short film is an art of dichotomies: it’s easy to make, but difficult to make well. It requires both brevity and nuance: to be doing enough within the short time it has, to be fleshed out, intricate, layered, but to be strict with those time restrictions. It’s a unique beast, with its own conventions and quirks, but by no means little with the topics it gets its teeth into – and when it’s good, it’s good.

Short film has yet to penetrate mainstream viewing habits and is rarely distributed in cinemas outside of a film festival context. Which is why the UK-wide cinema release of this Discover Tuesdays showcase, a programme made up of ten shorts and nothing but, really is something special.


Thematically, this programme thrashes through dichotomies, clashing them up against each other. Whereas Simon Cartwright’s BAFTA-nominated Manoman is masculinity at its most feral, pushed to its violent extremes, Jenn Nkiru’s En Vogue immerses us in a subculture actively refuting gender and its binaries in any conception. Short film excels at capturing the essence. It thrives at sitting at the periphery, probing at the intersection. Both Christian Cerami’s Black Sheep, shortlisted for BAFTA’s Best Short, and Luke Kondor’s Keith, a self-titled ‘glitch-thriller’, have that meta edge of turning to us as viewer, demanding our reflection on the topic of identity and its darker corners in the specific context of our present day, mass media and British sensibilities.

It’s an eclectic programme, curated to show you the richest of what short film can do, featuring some of the brightest home-grown and international talents of the genre.

Full listing:

1.    TAMARA (Sofia Safonova, 16 min) – winner of LSFF 2016 Best UK Short
2.    IF THE CUCKOO DON’T CROW (Steve Kirby, 2 min)
3.    BLACK SHEEP (Christian Cerami, 15 min)
4.    EN VOGUE (Jenn Nkiru, 4 min)
5.    MINING POEMS OR ODES (Callum Rice, 10 min) – winner of LSFF 2016 Documentary Award
6.    VIDEO (Eva Riley, 14 min)
7.    UN CHAT ANDALOU (Nicholas Abrahams, 8 min) – commissioned for LSFF 2016, funded by Arts Council England
8.    LESLEY THE PONY HAS AN A+ DAY (Christian Larrave, 4 min)
9.    KEITH (Luke Kondor, 6 min) – winner of LSFF 2016 Lo-Budget Award
10.  MANOMAN (Simon Cartwright, 11 min)

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