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Doc n’ Roll Film Festival comes to Brighton


docnrollOrb-riginal beats, an alt-rock coming-of-age, punk rock tales of treachery, classic rhythm and blues with a Mob backstory, and a moving elegy for a Southern songsmith: Doc’n Roll returns to Duke of York’s and Dukes at Komedia for an exclusive season of five unique music documentaries from 24 September to 1 October.

In its Special Preview Screening, The Bert Berns Story (Dukes at Komedia, 2pm, 24 September, Q&A) is a star-studded account of one of the greats of the golden age of rhythm and blues: the songwriter, producer, label boss and self-made man who made an enduring contribution to popular music. Brighton’s debut screening of The Sad And Beautiful World Of Sparklehorse (Duke of York’s, 4pm, 24 September, Q&A) pays tribute to the skewed, surrealist and deeply affecting work of Mark Linkous and his talent, troubled life and premature demise.


Lunar Orbit (Duke of York’s, 9pm, 29 September, Q&A) sets a course for the Ultraworld of the pioneers of ambient music, The Orb, via recording sessions, live footage and interviews with key players. You may think you know the punk icons’ story inside out, but The Rise And Fall Of The Clash (Dukes at Komedia, 4pm, 1 October, Q&A) will show you a fascinating, lesser-known side to the legacy, charting a tale of rivalry, treachery and betrayal in the group’s final days. Alt-rock growing pains are in the spotlight with A Divorce Before Marriage: I Like Trains (Duke of York’s, 4pm, 1 October, Q&A), following the band over four years in the wake of major success as they face uncharted territory and begin to question their ambitions.


Serving up guts and glory, triumphs and tribulations, the highs and lows of the creative process, and the unforgettable personalities behind the songs, Doc’n Roll presents the best in music documentaries as they were meant to be seen and heard: on the big screen, LOUD – and in Brighton this autumn.

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