Hackney Attic Film Festival: 15–31 August


Hackney Attic is proud to announce the line-up for its very first, very own film festival, which runs from 15 to 31 August. Containing work from both local and international filmmakers, the season will include short film programmes themed around relationships, animation and comedy, art, entertainment, horror, documentary and drama. These will accompanied by a web series night, full-length film screenings, a film-themed quiz night and a film-related art class. Many events are absolutely free to enter!

Kill Your Television – Monday 15 August

A short film night for the people of North East London that shows diverse shorts made by filmmakers living and working in the area. Free entry.

You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat Film Quiz – Tuesday 16 August

Think you know a lot about film? Find out at our notorious big-screen, big-sound quiz!

HAFF Shorts: Camberwell Beauty Triple Bill – Wednesday 17 August

A triple bill of anarchic drama and comedy featuring Camberwell Beauty, a surreal survival guide through the ruins of the punk dream; Blanche Dumas From B To Z, a day in the life of a scream queen legend on the verge of a nervous breakdown; and Junk Room, an intimate and voyeuristic insight into the minds of a young couple as they discuss incest, masturbation and sexual taboos. Free entry.

Sorta Kinda Maybe Thamesmeerd – Thursday 18 August

A double bill of the web series. Share the funny, ridiculous and depressing lives of a group of young, broke women living in London in Sorta Kinda Maybe Yeah, then meet the residents of Thamesmeerd, the setting for a British soap opera exploring modern life in a fictional borough in East London. Free entry.

HAFF Shorts: Relationships – Friday 19 August

A night exploring romance, break-up, friendship and the various dynamics of human relationships. Are people always what they seem? Is there a dark secret in the past? Is age – or species – a barrier to true love? Experience love, betrayal, indecision and how to ruin a relationship with a song. Free entry. 

Anansi Rebooted #3 – Saturday 20 August

A screening of Caribbean Crucibles, a celebration of African-influenced cultures. The film analyses the diverse forms of Caribbean popular music and movement, tracking their roots to the traditional music of island nations such as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

HAFF Shorts: Animation And Comedy  – Sunday 21 August

Cartoons, animations, puppets: we love ’em! Tonight we meet talking elephants and birds, taxidermied intergalactic mice and steel ball sculptures, along with a couple of comedies from pesky humans thrown in for good measure. Free entry. 

Flesh And Bones Life Drawing: Cinema Paradiso – Monday 22 August

Festival-themed edition of our regular life drawing class. Model Carla will recreate classic poses of the Italian cinema divas of the ’60s against a backdrop of projection and a playlist to transport you to the dolce vita! Poses will be both costumed and nude.

Disaster Film Club: The Black Power Mixtape 1967–1975 – Tuesday 23 August

Disaster Film Club is a night dedicated to films with exceptional soundtracks. This tenth edition presents Göran Hugo Olsson’s documentary in nine chapters, The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975, which was compiled from lost Swedish archive film and released in 2011 to global acclaim.

Film Night 25:8:16 – Thursday 25 August

An evening of short films by Hackney-based artists who are currently working with the medium of film and video. Free entry. 

HAFF Shorts: Music and Lights – Friday 26 August

A programme themed around the subject of entertainment, with a selection of music videos and films that include a homage to Shirley Bassey, a trip around London with New York drag star Taylor Mac, Rula Lenska in the role of an overbearing mother, and poet Barbara Brownskirt seeking a union with her idol, Judi Dench. Free entry. 

HAFF Shorts: Horror – Saturday 27 August

From the spooky to the spine-tingling to the downright gory, this horror and sci-fi collection features an evil nun, a vengeful child, ghosts in the mirror, a team-bonding session with a difference and a murdering foot fetishist. Bring a friend to hold your hand and a pillow to hide behind!

HAFF Shorts: Documentaries – Sunday 28 August

This collection covers a lot of ground. We visit locations in East London and Brixton to meet the residents and also go further afield to explore the Great Barrier Reef, the Ukraine crisis, life with Alzheimer’s, and the current climate surrounding the subject of paedophilia. Free entry. 

HAFF Shorts: Drama – Tuesday 30 August

Meet an intimidating music teacher, a lost traveller, a woman coming to terms with a family secret, and a group of men reminiscing about their youth. Watch the sea and frolic in the autumn leaves. You’ll experience a range of emotions tonight as fact collides with fiction. Free entry. 

Queer Experiments: Movie Impact – Wednesday 31 August

An exploration of the visual impact of moving images and their role in forming queer identities. This is a night to remember and highlights the films that have empowered and helped define LGBTQI+ communities.

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