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Picturehouse Members’ Film Competition – WE RISE

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Rosie Baldwin, Member of The Ritzy, Brixton.

A powerful look at a young rock band with learning disabilities who explore the meaning of belonging by expressing themselves through music. 

Delta 7 is an East Sussex based rock band made up of young adults with learning disabilities.

Music is an expressive outlet for them, allowing them to engage creatively with themselves and others, and communicate in a way that is easy and natural.

This two-minute documentary will witness what playing in and belonging to the band means to its members. When they work together successfully the result is an inspiring and rousing experience, where the audience can truly feel not just the music, but what the music means to those performing it.

After briefly observing the band arriving and setting up, the film will start with quiet momentum, following the sounds of the band members tuning up as each instrument is introduced to the camera individually as a character representative of its player.

The shots will act as pieces of a puzzle to be solved by the audience; focusing on different parts of the body of each character to slowly build up the image of each member of the band. Initially focusing on each of the instruments, the camera will draw back from the part of the body that works directly with that instrument to progressively reveal the person playing it. As the momentum of shots and pace of the music grows, the camera will join the band members together in the frame, culminating in the band being shown in its entirety – working together, creating music and expressing themselves. Being a very energetic band, the climactic scene will be a powerful and inspiring image of the liberation of being able to express yourself.

Adding depth to this portrait of what it means to belong and connect in a group of other people, will be insightful sound bites from interviews with the band members telling in their own words what it feels like to be able to express themselves through music and work as a team to create something beautiful.

Picturehouse Members can vote for their favourite short film idea. More information.

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