City Screen

Sleaford Mods: Invisible Britain


Monday 30 November, 6.30

Sleaford Mods are a ranting, raving duo comprising Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn, whose punky, beat-driven tunes have won over audiences and critics alike – and they’ve done it all on their own terms: connecting through the music, and through Williamson’s brilliantly demented, bitingly funny, addictive and unstoppable vitriol.

Invisible Britain is a documentary about the Sleaford Mods’ 2015 UK tour. But it’s more than just about the band themselves, the feature is equally about the fans and the state of modern Britain.

Paul Sng, writer and co-director of Invisible Britain, explains how the documentary came about: “We first met Jason and Andrew last year, planning their tour and aiming to play in places that other bands always neglect, the small untrendy towns that most people don’t even know exist. We thought this would make a great basis for a documentary, not only about the band, but also focusing on the state of modern Britain and how neglect has become something that is accepted by society, rather than challenged.”

One of those “small, untrendy towns” was York.

Paul adds quickly, “Coming to York for the Sleaford Mods’ gig at The Duchess was one of our highlights on the tour. We filmed a great interview with Jason Williamson in Earworm Records and interviewed a number of the band’s fans that day. We also shot some location footage in the city to represent both the ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ aspects of urban space.”

Paul Jackson of Earworm Records added, “York has never been much of a priority for nationally recognised touring bands, so it was great for the city and the fans of Sleaford Mods who live here to play a small part in this documentary.”

Dave Taylor, marketing manager at City Screen, said, “It’s great to be showing a film about the Nottingham swear-meisters Sleaford Mods, possibly the most authentic voice of dissent in modern Britain.” 

The only screening is on Monday 30 November, and not as erroneously stated in the City Screen brochure.

Booking on 0871 902 5726, at the Coney Street Box Office or online.

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