HOH Subtitled Screenings

Picturehouse offers regular screenings with HoH subtitles (open captioning) for audiences who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing.

You can check what films are being screened with HoH subtitles at your local Picturehouse by following the links below.

Film titles are updated each Tuesday for the coming Friday (occasionally big releases will have advance booking available, otherwise they are listed on a weekly basis).

Book in advance for HoH subtitled screenings – see individual cinemas’ listings.


Clapham Picturehouse | HOH Subtitled Listings

East Dulwich Picturehouse | HOH Subtitled Listings

Greenwich Picturehouse | HOH Subtitled Listings

Stratford Picturehouse | HOH Subtitled Listings

Hackney Picturehouse | HOH Subtitled Listings

The Ritzy | HOH Subtitled Listings

Picturehouse Central | HOH Subtitled Listings

Crouch End Picturehouse | HOH Subtitled Listings


Little Theatre Cinema, Bath | HOH Subtitled Listings

National Media Museum, Bradford | HOH Subtitled Listings

The Duke of York’s, Brighton | HOH Subtitled Listings

Dukes at Komedia, Brighton | HOH Subtitled Listings

Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge | HOH Subtitled Listings

The Cameo, Edinburgh | HOH Subtitled Listings

Exeter Picturehouse | HOH Subtitled Listings

The Regal, Henley | HOH Subtitled Listings

Cinema City, Norwich | HOH Subtitled Listings

Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool | HOH Subtitled Listings

Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford | HOH Subtitled Listings

Harbour Lights, Southampton | HOH Subtitled Listings

Stratford-upon-Avon Picturehouse | HOH Subtitled Listings

City Screen, York | HOH Subtitled Listings

We endeavor to programme a HoH screening at least once a week, although not all films are available with HoH subtitles.

You can also find full listings of HoH screenings at Picturehouses and other cinemas in your area on the Your Local Cinema website:

Induction Loop Systems

Induction loop systems are fitted in our cinemas – for details of the type of system in place at each of our cinemas, please visit, select the relevant cinema, and click on the Access tab.

Guide Dogs And Hearing Dogs
Guide dogs and hearing dogs are welcome in most of our cinemas. If you wish to take a dog into a performance, please let us know when booking so we can arrange an aisle seat. At many cinemas your dog can be cared for by a member of staff for the duration of the performance.

Customers who have a disability that means that they need a companion with them in the cinema can bring them to any Picturehouse Cinema for free.

You can sign up for a Carers Card, which will automatically discount one of your tickets. You can use the card – without a booking fee – when buying tickets in person, online or by telephone. The card will also mean that you don’t have to explain your situation every time you visit the cinema.

Ticket prices for customers with disabilities are according to their circumstances (e.g. adult, Member or student), and the free ticket applies to their companion. The card must be used in conjunction with a paid-for ticket or a Member’s free ticket.

All customers for 3D screenings – including those using free tickets – will need to buy a pair of 3D glasses. These can be reused if you keep them.

Signing up for a card is not required, but we hope it will make buying tickets easier. It is personal to you, and may not be used by other people.

To apply for an annual Carers Card, visit any of our cinemas, call us on 0871 902 5747, or email

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