The Plan: Improving access to water and sanitation in Bangou Fada Rouzou, Niger

Since 2008 we’ve been raising money to help Plan bring clean water to children and their families in Niger. Ten pence from every bottle of water bought at a Picturehouse Cinema goes towards providing boreholes to communities in the Dosso region of West Niger, one of the driest regions in the world.

We’re delighted that our collective efforts, our staff and customers who also fundraise through the year, has positively impacted 990 people, including 505 children, so they have access to safe drinking water and improved hygiene and sanitation.

About this project

This project is part of Picturehouse Cinema’s on-going commitment to improve access to water and sanitation in Niger. Niger is the driest country in West Africa where over half the population do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. The overall aim of the three year project was to provide access to safe drinking water for the community and to improve hygiene and sanitation education at both the school and community levels. The project will have an impact on the whole village of 990 people, over half of which are children (505), 252 women and 233 men.

Results so far

  • 23% of the community have access to clean drinking water thank to the new borehole constructed through this project
  • 100% of students (177 in total, including 63 girls) have access to school toilets, and all of these latrines (two new blocks) are maintained and used properly by students, meaning that the practice of open air defecation has stopped at school level, which should lead to greatly reduced incidence of diarrhoea and disease
  • 30% of households have access to family latrines
  • Three committees have been formed and trained: a School Government Committee, Community Hygiene Committee (working to improve hygiene and end open defecation) and a Borehole Management Committee which manages the new boreholes and ensures community members pay the correct contribution for maintenance etc., which is supported by two mechanics who have been trained on hand pump maintenance
  • The number of students at the village school, with its new latrines and borehole has increased from 125 to 177 (November 2012 – Mars 2015), which is due at least in part to the improved drinking water, toilets and hygiene education
  • Approximately 20 new houses have been constructed close to the school where previously there were none, this is due to the proximity to clean water

In total, the whole community, which has now grown to 1067 people including 544 children have benefitted from better hygiene and sanitation knowledge and cleaner, safer drinking water which is closer to home.

“Before the school borehole construction we were supposed to carry water from home each morning and afternoon while the school is far 10 minutes away from the village. Now with the support of Plan we have a borehole and device of drinking water storage raised for each class.”

Oubeida Issoufou, 12 years old girl pupil

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