Heineken Star Screenings: Sicario

Be Among The First To See Sicario

Heineken Star Screenings are back! Once again, Heineken are teaming up with Picturehouse Cinemas to bring you free previews of the hottest new films before the Box Office even opens. You saw it here first.

Heineken and Picturehouse are giving you and a friend the chance to preview Sicario (15) on Tuesday 29 September at Picturehouse Central ahead of its UK release on THURSDAY 8 OCTOBER. 

Head over to before Thursday 24 September to apply for tickets. 

Director: Denis Villeneuve.
Starring: Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro. USA 2015. 121 mins.

Canadian indie director Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners) assuredly enters the mainstream with this terrific take on the ambiguities of the war on drugs. After raiding a Mexican cartel’s safe house, FBI agent Kate Macer (an intriguingly well-cast Blunt) joins a secretive team tasked with eliminating the cartel’s bosses. Along with the cynically maverick Matt (Brolin) and world-weary Alejandro (Del Toro), she comes to realise that she’s involved in a very dirty crusade.

This exclusive cinema programme is part of Heineken’s Open your World series, inspiring you to discover, explore and own London like never before. Be bold. Lead the way. Don’t just hear about what’s hot – determine what’s hot.

For your chance to access these exclusive screenings head over to

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