Incredible Travelling Cinema rolls into Ealing!

Picturehouse Cinemas are putting the show on the road and bringing their Travelling Cinema to Ealing for their first ever film screenings in London. The Travelling Cinema is England’s only ‘Cinemobile’ – an articulated lorry that turns into a 100 seater, fully air conditioned cinema.

Residing on Ealing Green from 8 September – 27 September 2015, Picturehouse and Make it Ealing will be delivering a unique cinema experience showing a range of films including family favourites, recent blockbusters, art house titles and of course some Ealing classics.

There’s a plethora of great films for you to choose from including Noah Baumbach’s wry comedy of manners Mistress America, British classic Kind Hearts And Coronets or the dude-abiding The Big Lebowski.

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased through our dedicated ticketing system. Ealing Green is a short walk from Ealing Broadway tube station. Site map.

Scroll down for the full list of films on offer and select a show time to book

Mistress America (15)

Director: Noah Baumbach. USA 2015. 84 mins. | Watch the trailer

Straight after While We’re Young, Baumbach’s latest comedy of manners is co-written with its star, Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha). She plays Brooke, the kooky new best friend who leads the bewildered Tracy (Lola Kirke, Gone Girl) on a series of wild escapades.

Show times: Tue 8 Sep, 3.30 | Wed 9 Sep, 9.00 | Thu 10 Sep, 6.30

Love And Mercy (12A)

Director: Bill Pohlad. USA 2014. 121 mins. | Watch the trailer

Love & Mercy charts the fall and rise of The Beach Boys’ visionary Brian Wilson, juxtaposing his slide into mental illness during the 1960s with his redemption in the 1980s. Heartbreaking and uplifting at once – much like Wilson’s music.

Contains drug use, references to child abuse and infrequent strong language.

Show times: Tue 8 Sep, 5.10 | Wed 9 Sep, 4.00 | Thu 10 Sep, 8.30

Amy (15)

Director: Asif Kapadia. UK 2015. 128 mins. | Watch the trailer

Multiple-award-winning documentarian Asif Kapadia has reassembled the team behind his stunning Senna to create a full-access film about Amy Winehouse, the extraordinary musician who died in 2011 at the age of 27.

Show times: Wed 9 Sep, 6.30 | Thu 10 Sep, 4.00 | Sat 12 Sep, 6.30 | Tue 15 Sep, 8.30

Gemma Bovery (15)

Director: Anne Fontaine. France/UK 2014. 99 mins. | Watch the trailer

Gemma Arterton (Tamara Drewe) stars as the near-namesake of Flaubert’s Emma Bovary in this witty film adaptation of cartoonist-author Posy Simmonds’s archly satirical graphic novel.

Show times: Fri 11 Sep, 4.00 | Wed 16 Sep, 4.00 | Thu 17 Sep, 6.30

Trainwreck (15)

Director: Judd Apatow. USA 2015. 125 mins. | Watch the trailer

Popular American comedian Amy Schumer hits the big screen in this razor-sharp comedy of sexual manners. Director Apatow (Knocked Up) works from Schumer’s own script to tell the story of Amy, an alcohol-fuelled, 20-something sexual adventurer who becomes smitten with Bill Hader’s monogamy-minded surgeon.

Show times: Fri 11 Sep, 6.30 | Sun 13 Sep, 6.30 | Wed 16 Sep, 8.30 | Thu 17 Sep, 8.30

Mystic Pizza (15)

Director: Donald Petrie. USA 1988. 104 mins. | Watch the trailer

Three teenagers learn a lot about life and love one summer in this romantic comedy-drama. Kat (Annabeth Gish), Daisy (Julia Roberts), and Jojo (Lili Taylor) are three working-class women just out of high school who have jobs at the same pizza parlor in the resort community of Mystic, Connecticut

Show times: Fri 11 Sep, 9.00

Inside Out (U)

Director: Pete Docter. USA 2015. 102 mins. | Watch the trailer

Disney Pixar’s entrancing animated fable follows eleven-year-old Riley (Kaitlyn Dias), who is reluctantly uprooted from rural Minnesota to San Francisco. We see her experiences mostly through the emotions inside her head. Five of them – Joy (Poehler), Fear (Hader), Anger, Disgust and Sadness – compete over how best to help her deal with the challenges of a new life.

Show times: Sat 12 Sep, 1.50 | Sun 13 Sep, 1.50 | Sat 19 Sep, 1.50 | Sun 20 Sep, 1.50 | Sat 26 Sep, 1.50

Jurassic World (12A)

Director: Colin Trevorrow. USA 2015. 124 mins | Watch the trailer

More than two decades after Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking original we return to Isla Nublar, now a dinosaur theme park, albeit with declining revenues. To attract more visitors, over-zealous operations manager Claire Dearing (Howard, THE HELP) introduces the genetically created Indominus rex, whose appetite for devouring almost anything that moves is insatiable.

Contains moderate threat, occasional bloody moments, action violence.

Show times: Sat 12 Sep, 4.00 | Sun 13 Sep, 8.50 | Fri 25 Sep, 6.30 | Sun 27 Sep, 6.30

Do The Right Thing (15)

Director: Spike Lee. USA 1989. 120 mins. | Watch the trailer

It’s the hottest day of the year in Brooklyn, and tensions are rising in the ghetto, where the only businesses are a Korean grocery and Sal’s Pizzeria. Mookie, Sal’s delivery boy, always manages to be at the centre of the action.

Show times: Sat 12 Sep, 9.00

Kind Hearts And Coronets (U)

Director: Robert Harmer. UK 1949. 102 mins | Watch the trailer

Alec Guinness’s most renowned performance (he takes eight different roles) in the story of an ambitious young man who embarks on a series of murders to secure a title and a family fortune. One of Ealing’s sharpest and most subtle comedies.

Show times Sun 13 Sep, 4.00 | Tue 15 Sep, 4.00

Iris (12A)

Director: Albert Maysles. USA 2014. 80 mins | Watch the trailer

The star of the late documentarian Albert Maysles’s penultimate film is Iris Apfel, a flamboyant 93-year-old American textile and interior designer who has become a fashion icon. It wasn’t until she was in her 80s that she became well known for her unique improvised style, bringing together layered jewellery and vibrant pattern contrasts.

Contrains infrequent strong language

Show times: Tue 15 Sep, 6.30 | Thu 17 Sep, 4.00

The Third Man (PG)

Director: Carol Reed. UK 1949. 104 mins | Watch the trailer

The film that defined European noir, Carol Reed’s beautifully wrought post-war thriller stars Joseph Cotten as failed American novelist Holly Martins. Martins visits a ruined, crime-riven Vienna to learn that his old friend and potential employer Harry Lime (Welles) has died in a road accident. But has he?

Show times: Wed 16 Sep, 6.30

The Wolfpack (15)

Director: Crystal Moselle. USA 2015. 80 mins | Watch the trailer

This extraordinary documentary tells the story of six brothers virtually imprisoned by their parents in a run-down Manhattan apartment.

Show times: Fri 18 Sep, 4.00 | Tue 22 Sep, 8.30 | Thu 24 Sep, 6.30

45 Years (15)

Director: Andrew Haigh. UK 2015. 95 mins | Watch the trailer

Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay star in this powerful relationship drama as Kate and Geoff Mercer, a couple preparing to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. Geoff is unsettled by the news that the body of Katya, a long-lost sweetheart, has been discovered frozen in a Swiss glacier.

Show times: Fri 18 Sep, 6.30 | Sat 19 Sep, 6.30 | Sun 20 Sep, 8.30 | Wed 23 Sep, 6.30 | Thu 24 Sep, 8.30

Me And Earl And The Dying Girl (12A)

Director: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. USA 2015. 105 mins | Watch the trailer

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s second feature is a smart, witty tale built upon an unlikely premise. Rachel (Cooke) has leukaemia; Greg (Mann) is a sarky student obliged by his overbearing mother (Connie Britton) to befriend her; and the titular Earl (Cyler) is the pal with whom Greg shares a love of movies.

Contains moderate sex references, drug references and infrequent strong language.

Show times: Fri 18 Sep, 8.30 | Sat 19 Sep, 8.30 | Sun 20 Sep, 4.00 | Tue 22 Sep, 6.30 | Wed 23 Sep, 4.00 | Wed 23 Sep, 8.30 | Thu 24 Sep, 4.00

Minions (U)

Directors: Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin.USA 2015. 91 mins | Watch the trailer

Ever since the dawn of time, the Minions have lived to serve the biggest and baddest of villains. Unsuccessful at keeping those masters, however – from T. rex to Napoleon – they eventually find themselves with no one to serve, and fall into a deep depression. But one Minion named Kevin has a plan.

Show times: Sat 19 Sep, 4.00 | Sat 26 Sep, 4.00 | Sun 27 Sep, 1.50

Passport To Pimlico (U)

Director: Henry Cornelius. UK 1949. 84 mins | Watch the trailer

Ealing’s most quintessentially British comedy, about a group of Londoners who claim their right to be Burgundian following the discovery of an ancient charter in a bomb crater.

Show times: Sun 20 Sep, 6.30 | Tue 22 Sep, 4.00

The Ladykillers (U)

Director: Alexander Mackendrick. UK 1955. 97 mins

Mackendrick and Ealing’s resident American writer William Rose had already collaborated on THE MAGGIE when they came together again for this, the last, most enduring and best known of all the studio’s comedies, in which the sheer blackness of the central concept is barely disguised by the accomplished farce which surrounds it.

Show times: Fri 25 Sep, 4.00 | Sun 27 Sep, 4.00

Straight Outta Compton (15)

Director: F. Gary Gray. USA 2015. 147 mins. | Watch the trailer

Taking its title from NWA’s seminal 1988 debut album, this biographical drama charts the legendary rap group’s meteoric rise and acrimonious fall. In the mid-1980s the streets of Compton were considered some of the most deprived in the USA. Five young men sprang from them to give angry voice to a voiceless part of society, igniting a musical revolution as they shot to global hip-hop domination.

Show times: Fri 25 Sep, 8.50 | Sat 26 Sep, 6.20 | Sat 26 Sep, 9.00



One thought on “Incredible Travelling Cinema rolls into Ealing!

  1. Loved this mini-moving-movie theatre! It was much more comfortable than I expected when I got inside. Might you be returning to Ealing Green this year?

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