City Screen

Save £2 With Gemma Bovery at Waterstones York

Another great deal with City Screen’s next-door-neighbours in York: Waterstones will give you £2 off the price of Madame Bovary or Gemma Bovery if you enter the Coney Street bookseller’s premises armed with a ticket stub from seeing Gemma Bovery at City Screen.

The new movie starts on Friday 28 August, featuring a winsome performance from Gemma Arterton in the title role as a restless Brit who decamps to Normandy, where her life begins to imitate that of Flaubert’s infamously bored Madame Bovary.

Gemma Bovery is adapted from the graphic novel by Posy Simmonds, which was originally published as a serial in The Guardian before taking form as a book in 1999.

Gemma Arterton successfully carried the role of another Posy Simmonds heroine, Tamara Drewe – a later work by Simmonds, but one that reached the big screen sooner in the 2010 comedy feature directed by Stephen Frears.

So get set to enjoy Gemma Bovery, and if you fancy a copy of Gustave Flaubert’s original Madame Bovary or of Posy Simmonds’s satirical adaptation, then nip round to Waterstones waving your City Screen ticket stub from the film to get a £2 discount.

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