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Book for Precinct Seven Five to win a case of Brooklyn Lager!

docsFrom Friday, Precinct Seven Five arrives at select Picturehouse Cinemas. This film tells the jaw-dropping story of cop Michael Dowd, who after taking his first bribe in 1982 eventually became one of New York’s most corrupt police officers.

To celebrate the release of this Big Apple-set docu-thriller, we’re giving away a case of Brooklyn Lager: American Amber Lager to one lucky ticket holder at each Picturehouse Cinema showing the film. Pre-book online for Precinct Seven Five for a chance to win.

Director: Tiller Russell. USA 2014. 104 mins.

In 1982 rookie cop Michael Dowd took a $200 bribe from someone accused of a traffic violation, a decision that set him on course to become one of the most corrupt officers ever prosecuted. He began stealing from gangsters and drug barons who operated in New York’s tough 75th Precinct, then eventually went into business with them. At one point Dowd made $4000 a week simply acting as an informant for his criminal colleagues.

We hear from some of these appreciative drug lords as well as former police officers who were also mired in corruption. As Dowd’s wisecracking testimony to camera unfolds, he exuberantly recounts his days leading his crew on a lawless rampage of drug dealing and armed robbery. We’re left amazed at the unbelievable scale of his offences in this gripping documentary from Tiller Russell (Cockfight).

 Brooklyn Brewery brewhouse and packaging outsideThe New York City borough of Brooklyn has a storied history of rich cultural diversity. Co-founders Steve Hindy and Tom Potter chose to open a brewery in Brooklyn as an homage to both the area’s past as a booming brewing region as well as its future with the rapidly growing arts and culture scene of the late 1980s. Brooklyn Brewery has been a supporter of the local arts from the start, skipping traditional advertising in favour of donating beer to small theatres, galleries, performers, museums, advocacy groups and more in an effort to give back to and support the communities of which they are a part.

Entrants must be at least 18 years old. Winners will need to provide proof of age to claim prize. 

One winner will be selected for each Picturehouse Cinema opening Precinct Seven Five from 14 August (Venues are: Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge, Ritzy Brixton, Phoenix Oxford, Picturehouse Central, London). Winners will be selected at random from all online pre-bookings for Precinct Seven Five at Picturehouse Cinemas on Monday 24 August 2015. Winners will be notified via email within one week of the competition closing. Prize will need to be collected in person from the cinema where the ticket was purchased. Winners will need to provide proof of age to claim prize. Prize cannot be exchanged. There is no cash alternative. Picturehouse Cinemas’ decision is final. Subject to Picturehouse Cinemas’ standard terms and conditions. for the facts.

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