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Discover Tuesdays: Into The Clouds We Gaze 7/7

Lee Anderson from Regal Picturehouse, Henley, takes a look at the next Discover Tuesdays presentation; Into The Clouds We Gaze shows across Picturehouse Cinemas on Tuesday 7 July.

Director: Martin Dušek. Czech Republic 2014. 66 mins. Czech with English subtitles.

Screening in the UK as part of the Made In Prague New Czech Cinema Tour, Into The Clouds We Gaze is a visually stunning and lyrical documentary by Martin Dušek (The Analogs). It played at the Chicago International Film Festival 2014, and won Best Czech Documentary at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2014.

The film is a non-traditional portrait of a young car enthusiast, Ráďa, and his love for all things automobile. We see him at the very beginning of the film meeting up with his friends, who are also car enthusiasts, and from this moment on it is clear that above all else, their cars are their pride and joy.

Dušek follows their obsession, from the stark but beautiful wastelands of northern Bohemia to organised tuning rallies, where the film comes alive with loud house/techno mash-ups of some of the world’s biggest music stars, all set against the backdrop of colourful car interiors ranging from Audis to Jaguars, and of the bright flares of fireworks.

The film also touches on subjects such as love, financial betterment and the difficulties the young Czechs face, particularly in their search for employment. Ráďa himself struggles to hold down a job, feeling that his talents merit something better than the work that is on offer. At one point we see him thinking about moving to a big city to find better work – but even this is still overshadowed by his obsession.

Ráďa is constantly looking for someone to share his great passion, but it seems that his first love – his car – will always take priority over anything else. It even affects his relationship with his mother, who seems only to want the best for him, although he shrugs her off.

Into The Clouds We Gaze gives a real insight into Czech youth culture and its passions, taking a sincere look at its subjects’ ordinary daily lives, with touching moments throughout.

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