Members’ Free Preview: Danny Collins

h-HO00001046Sunday 24 May, 11.00am

Don’t miss your chance to see this irresistible directorial debut from the writer of Crazy Stupid Love ahead of the film’s release on 29 May!

Danny Collins (12A)
Director: Dan Fogelman
Starring: Al Pacino, Anette Bening, Jennifer Garner.

Inspired by a true story, Al Pacino stars as ageing 1970s rocker Danny Collins, who can”t give up his hard-living ways. But when his manager (Christopher Plummer) uncovers a 40 year-old undelivered letter written to him by John Lennon, Collins decides to change course and embarks on a heartfelt journey to rediscover his family, find true love and begin a second act.

You can book online from 12:00 noon on Thursday 21 May.

Stratford Upon Avon Picturehouse
Harbour Lights Picturehouse
Picturehouse at National Media Museum Bradford
Greenwich Picturehouse
Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford
City Screen, York
Ritzy, Brixton
Hackney Picturehouse
Clapham Picturehouse
Cinema City, Norwich
Regal Picturehouse, Henley
Picturehouse at FACT
Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge
East Dulwich Picturehouse

29 thoughts on “Members’ Free Preview: Danny Collins

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Sorry – this one isn’t taking place at Exeter Picturehouse – our previews don’t always go across the entire group. We have more previews confirmed for June and Exeter will take part.

    • Hi, I don’t mean to be a pest, but the film not popping up until quite a few minutes past noon has happened the last 2 or 3 times I’ve booked a free members’ preview. Really, if it is advertised that the tickets will be made available at noon, then they should be, no? Many of us, I’m sure, don’t have time to keep checking obsessively from noon onwards until the film shows, and yet I can imagine it would be very annoying to have to take your eye off the ball for a few minutes (to do some work, maybe?!) only to find that the film has been posted at some random time and tickets are ‘sold out’. Can’t the noon time be adhered to? It doesn’t look very professional otherwise and is not very user-friendly. I’m already finding it annoying enough using your temporary website, having to put in all my payment and address details each and every time I book a ticket, (which is also not very professional either. My partner is an IT Manager and sets up websites for companies etc and doesn’t really get it either!). I love Picturehouse, but, come on, we are customers! Thanks, Jackie

      • Hi Jackie. Each screening was published early this morning in very good time so it would arrive on the website for noon. Unfortunately a few cases did not make it in time. The website has been very troublesome recently. We’re working hard in the background to change this and will be launching a new website later this year.

      • But haven’t you (Cineworld) have just launched a new website? Or is this the temporary website mentioned in Jackie Grant’s post? Either way, why didn’t you just leave the (perfectly good) old website(s) in place until the new systems were thoroughly tested and ready to go? After eventually finding the the correct URL to book the tickets I then hit an error which meant I had to go in person to the cinema where I did managed to get tickets, although not without some grief. The staff there looked thoroughly stressed by the problems they were having to deal with because of the issues with the website and the ensuing angry customers who take out their frustration on them. I didn’t get angry as I understand it’s not their fault, but I can see how some customers might not be so understanding. It’s very unfair to expect staff to take the flack for Cineworld’s failings. Also to expect customers to spend so much money phoning a premium line number, especially when the website is so unreliable, is very bad form. The least you could do is provide a standard tariff or even free-phone number for customers until you have this mess sorted out. I’m sad that I even have to write this email, but I too like Picturehouse and hope it will return to being the pleasant experience it was, rather than the frustrating debacle it’s become over the last few months.

      • Couldn’t agree more, Suz Taylor! See my later reply, which picks up on many points you make here. Jackie

      • Sorry, Jean-Paul, but clearly it didn’t make it on the website in time in quite a few cases, judging by the comments above and it is also clear from mine and other comments, that this is the not the first time. I have read through all the comments and replies and find the ones that say, at 12.46pm or 2.15pm: “here’s the link to book …” (as if it was there all along) a bit disingenuous, to say the least! It’s also not right to tell people they have the option to phone, rather than apologise for their not being able to book online through no fault of their own. Everyone should have the same access to booking online and if you are going to ask people to phone, then you should offer a phone number at standard landline charges, at least. O8 numbers that aren’t 0800 numbers are most unpopular these days, and with good reason. Also, as someone on here demonstrated, the phone line was exceptionally busy, precisely because no one could book online! That’s just not on, to expect people who’ve already tried several times to find the link, to then wait ages in a phone queue. Most people are working at 12 noon and if they are lucky to be having lunch, don’t want to use up their entire break on website/phone line frustration. The film wasn’t up online until shortly before 1pm at the Oxford Phoenix Picturehouse, and this wasn neither the first time nor the only cinema where that was the case. I know the website has been troublesome – not just recently, but for a while now. The staff at Oxford Phoenix are fed-up with it and they sent out an email recently to apologise to us customers for how troublesome it is. This has been going on a while now. As I said, my partner, who is an IT expert, has tried hard to understand a scenario where a) a company wouldn’t be able to switch to a new website immediately and b) why it seems to be such a problem to set up a temporary website that works well. He says the standard procedure to cope with company ownership changes or similar, where a new website would be required in the first place, would be to keep using the old website until the new one was properly developed, i.e. you would not set up a new website for the interim and then change it again. He says whatever the circs, you would not present customers with a website you know to be sub-standard, saying in advance “sorry, guys, but we are going to be moving to a website soon with which you will have to be patient etc etc” which is what Picturehouse basically did. He also says you would not move customers twice and you would not expect customers to have to get used to two new websites in a relatively short time-span, it’s very amateurish. So what’s going on? Why all these ‘temporary’ changes? Perhaps if it was explained, people might understand better. In the meantime, replying to me saying “sorry, we are having trouble with the website” when I’ve been telling you about problems with the website and asking for them to be resolved, doesn’t really cut the mustard. I really hope we don’t have this problem every time there’s a free members’ preview and I really hope the new, permanent website is better. But, seriously, replying by saying “there will be a new website soon” – another website to adapt and get used to, yippee! – doesn’t exactly make me jump for joy that things are progressing! Please try and see things from the customer perspective a little more. Our sympathy shouldn’t be taken for granted – not if you don’t explain or can’t seem to remedy ongoing problems. Sorry, but it had to be said.

    • Hi Jill. We’re very sorry but Ritzy and Hackney are experience some website problems. Tickets are available over the phone.

      Ritzy’s booking line: 0871 902 5739
      Hackney: 0871 902 5734

  1. Hi there, the film now appears for booking but when I attempt to select the tickets & verify the membership cards however get the msg “member not qualified to take this recognition”. Help!! This is the 2nd membership screening I have been unable to book, not sure what I am doing wrong? Many thanks

  2. Well, my comment, made yesterday, is still awaiting moderation…..apparently! In the meantime, I’ve come home to find my e-mail inbox chocca with everybody else’s comments! Cheers for that!

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