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Discover Tuesdays: BLIND 28/4


Discover Tuesdays MubiEmma Townley, Marketing Manager at Harbour Lights, takes a look at today’s Discover Tuesdays presentation. 

Norwegian director Eskil Vogt’s drama Blind is an absorbing and subtle dark comedy, full of wry humour. It focuses on the life of Ingrid (Ellen Dorrit Petersen), who after losing her sight becomes controlled by anxiety, leaving her confined to her flat where she can feel safe and in control. Her insecurity increases as she suspects she’s being spied on.

Ingrid’s isolation sharpens her imagination until it becomes a dominant part of her daily routine, releasing all of her fears and darkest thoughts.

Ingrid begins to write, retreating into a riotous narrative of her own creation. The film’s clever editing blurs the line between reality and her mind’s illusion.

With a strong, emotionally dynamic script and scenes depicting Ingrid’s daily struggles, it’s hard not to try and put yourself in her shoes as you are shown the world from her perspective. Vogt adeptly uses close-ups and exaggerates sounds to give a sense of her disorientation.

Blind is an interesting social commentary in many respects. Vogt’s shots and narrative leave us to question how women are perceived by men. The film illustrates how loneliness can lead to heightened fantasies, insecurities and a fear of rejection. Not only do we stop ourselves from trusting those we care about most, but we are not even able to trust ourselves.

This playful film flips and turns at every angle, leaving you to wonder which scenes are objective reality and which are Ingrid’s fantasies. The acting is so beautiful and effortless that it is near impossible not to feel for the lead and other characters.

I cannot recommend this film enough – it’s one of my top picks of the year so far.

BLIND plays across Picturehouse Cinemas today (Tuesday 28 April). Click here for booking information.


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