Bring a Bottle: Stand-up comedy for parents and babies!

We’re excited to present Bring a Bottle, a live stand-up comedy show for parents and babies!

Jessica Pidsley graduated from RADA in 2009 and has been creating her own work, as well as working in theatre, TV, film and radio, ever since. She took her debut comedy show Jessica Pidsley’s I Can Make You Thin(K) to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012, and started writing and performing Bring a Bottle a few months after her son was born in 2014.

She is currently working on a show for the RADA Festival called Mutha Courage and Her Child, which will be taking place at the end of June this year. After the birth of her son, Jessica developed postpartum psychosis, an illness that affects one or two in 1,000 women, and she has written about her experiences at

“I decided to create Bring a Bottle because I was going to all these baby classes and I was doing my best to join in and look like I was really into it, but I was fed up of singing really complicated songs in the volume of cringe, while my baby vomited on various yoga mats around the city. I knew I couldn’t be the only one feeling the things I was feeling and I thought if we could have a giggle about it and share it, it would all seem slightly less overwhelming.

Someone from my first audience said that it was lovely to come along at 11.00am and laugh about things they had been crying about an hour or two earlier.

I wanted to create a show that was aimed at new parents, but would have enough about it to keep the babies entertained between feeds and nappy changes. I wanted the focus to be on the ‘people who happen to be parents’ rather than on the little people that are always with them. In the show I share some of my own trials, tribulations and triumphs and my son, Albert, is in his rucksack on my back during the show, giving me plenty of multi-tasking to do, as well as providing some comedy of his own.” – Jessica Pidsley


Duration: 45 minutes

Tickets: £5.50

Find out more: Follow @jesspidsley on Twitter and like Mutha Courage on Facebook

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