Staff Review

Flick’s Flicks – November 2014

The Imitation Game Picturehouse Cinemas Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in THE IMITATION GAME.

So director James Tucker and I have just finished the shoot for November’s Flick’s Flicks at the Duke of York’s Picturehouse in Brighton.

A snotty nose, an early morning start and a cycle through the rain meant that I sounded like Animal from the Muppets, especially when saying ‘phenomenon’, so lots of patient re-takes were required from James.

Director James at Duke of Yorks Picturehouse Brighton

Director James Marcus Tucker is very hands on!

He will now wield some editing magic to bring you the snot-free gem that is this month’s instalment.

I like to think that as a team we are a reasonably well-oiled machine now that we are entering our ninth year of filming Flick’s Flicks!

We’ve overcome many of the initial challenges of filmmaking, which include avoiding tripping over on-camera, getting the timings right and making sure we’re not filming in front of an open cleaning cupboard. But I’m sure someone will now spot the baby sick in my hair or some other horrendous faux pas.

Anyhoo, enjoy the show peeps and please do let me know any thoughts, comments or opinions in the comments below – it’s great to hear from you. 

Cheers, Flick

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