Live via Satellite

Picturehouse Exclusive: Soul Boys of the Western World – Clip

Ahead of the screenings of SOUL BOYS OF THE WESTERN WORLD plus Spandau Ballet Live via Satellite from the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 30 September watch this exclusive clip.

The segment features the legendary New Romantic band aboard the HMS Belfast in July 1980 for a very special gig.

Of all the extravagantly clothed and coiffed New Romantics dancing on the grave of punk’s bratty dissonance, Spandau Ballet were the most flamboyant and, with a string of hit singles and albums, arguably also the movement’s commercial giants.

George Hencken’s much-anticipated biopic wisely lets Martin and Gary Kemp, Tony Hadley and the rest of the band directly recount their rise from working-class Islington roots to the excesses of“champagne, cocaine and adrenaline” which preceded, if not ultimately caused, their demise in 1990.

Click here for booking information.

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