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Richard Linklater’s BOYHOOD – the reviews are in!


Richard Linklater’s BOYHOOD opens at Picturehouse Cinemas today (Friday 11 July). Shot periodically over 12 years, this unique film is a true feat not to be missed. Take a look at the overwhelmingly positive reviews that are coming in:

“There is hardly a better, or nobler thing a film can do than inspire love… One of the great films of the decade.”
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian ★★★★★

“What an astonishing achievement; what a beautiful movie.”
Xan Brooks, The Guardian ★★★★★

“The achievement of a lifetime… Extraordinary”
Robbie Collin, The Telegraph ★★★★★

“The film is a tender, funny, honest, embarrassing and finally transcendent portrait.”
Kate Muir, The Times ★★★★★

“Unshakable, witty and deeply felt, the film will be paying emotional dividends for a long, long time.”
Joshua Rothkopf, TimeOut ★★★★★

“Richard Linklater’s masterpiece… One we’ll be watching 12 years down the line.”
Vadim Rizov, Little White Lies ★★★★★

“Boyhood is one of those extraordinary flicks that’ll remind you just how life-affirming a trip to the cinema can be.”
David Edwards, The Mirror ★★★★★

“Here’s a film like no other, the best film released so far this year… Boyhood is not just a genuine epic, not just beautiful and moving, it looks like a classic already.”
David Sexton, Evening Standard ★★★★★


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