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From Bean to Screen: The Making of Picturehouse Coffee

A good cup of coffee should be as exciting as a quality blockbuster and as interesting as an art-house movie. That’s why we sent a band of coffee aficionado staff to design some new blends of our own.

So it was an eager crew of java lovers found themselves stepping into an extraordinary, aroma-filled roastery in rural Lincolnshire. Workers buzzed about to the sound of churning machinery, as a glorious array beans from around the globe started the next phase of their journey from far-flung exotic farms to friendly cinema cafe bars.

Staff member John-Paul Pierrot reports…

We were treated to a tour – guided by jittery experts – and discovered the lovingly precise method for developing blends to suit each and every taste. The beans are roasted slowly to develop the flavour, using impressive state-of-the-art drum roasting machines.

Having been bewitched by the scent of coffee throughout the morning, we thought it was time to give our taste buds a treat. We were introduced to a peculiar rotating cupping table, with six single-origin coffee varieties presented before us – coffee heaven. Following a demonstration in tasting, we sipped and analysed each brew. Perhaps our favourite was from Sumatra, which packed intense flavour and palatable fruity notes.

Feeling particularly excitable by now, we went on to try out different blends in every possible permutation, searching for the perfect coffee to go into our cinemas. We finally settled on two. The first, made up of 60% Sumatran and 40% Central American beans, is lightly roasted with pronounced red-berry acidity complemented by a light caramel sweetness in the finish. The second, blended from Central American (50%), Ethiopian (30%) and other East African (20%) beans, produces a cup that’s balanced subtly for a more delicate but still satisfying taste.

From bean to screen, our new coffees have been affectionately produced every step of the way. Our choice of fair trade right at the start of the process means that the growers receive a fair price for their crop, along with a social premium that is used to invest in their communities; and our trained baristas at the end of the process ensure that the coffee in your cup is the best it can be.

Whether your preference is for a rich, delicious espresso, a sumptuous and luxurious cappuccino or something more flamboyant, we are confident that you will find our new, well-rounded blends a flavoursome delight. Why not try a brew next time you visit?


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