Discover Tuesdays / Harbour Lights Picturehouse

A STORY OF CHILDREN AND FILM: Discover Tuesdays 27/5

Emma Townley, Marketing Manager at the Harbour Lights Picturehouse in Southampton, reviews our Discover Tuesday film for this week.

Author of The Story of Film and writer/director of THE FIRST MOVIE (2009), Mark Cousins takes a look at children and childhood as depicted in film, taking as his starting point home-movie footage of his own niece and nephew. He illustrates his themes in this cine-essay with 53 contemporary and classic films from 25 countries, including François Truffaut’s THE 400 BLOWS (1959), Hirokazu Koreeda’s I WISH (2011) and Wes Anderson’s MOONRISE KINGDOM (2012).

Cousins’ unaffected narration allows us to see the films and the characters featured in them exactly how they are, while the beauty of the images evoke the innocence of a young child, drawing us into their world and inspiring feelings of nostalgia.

The film flows seamlessly, as Cousins never fails to find a link between one film and the next, or between a film and the everyday actions of his niece and nephew.

A STORY OF CHILDREN AND FILM opens a window onto the truth behind children’s performances in cinema and how they vary in diverse ways. It also opens up a whole library of films, which I now feel the need to explore as well as feeling ashamed for never seeing them before.

This is a film for all – a film of happiness, despair, hope, truth, beauty and innocence. As Cousins puts it, “Movies are like kids, kids are like movies.”

THE STORY OF CHILDREN AND FILM plays across Picturehouse Cinemas as part of our Discover Tuesdays strand today (27/5). Click here for booking information.

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