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INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO: Discover Tuesday 10/09/13

Inside the Mind of Leonardo

Emma Townley, marketing manager at Harbour Lights Picturehouse, pens this week’s Discover Tuesday blog on the breathtaking documentary INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO.

A journey into the soul of one of the world’s greatest artists, INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO captures his whole being and introduces us to a side of him we might not know. This is not just a film about art: it is an exploration of the mind of a complex man who was battling many demons.

This is the first time cameras have been allowed to show the incredible detail of Leonardo’s Codex, analysing the 6,000 pages that still exist of his journals. Although he is best known for his magnificent paintings, in this film we learn of his obsessions with engineering, geometry, biology and anatomy, for which his painting was only a tool.

Actor Peter Capaldi takes on the role of Leonardo, quoting directly from his Codex as we are shown digitally restored images of the artist’s earliest work, combined with stunning shots of vast landscapes and cityscapes, as well as interviews with experts fascinated by his controversial mind. Capaldi’s captivating performance adds an almost Shakespearean quality to the documentary as it draws us from one reality to another. Throughout we have the sense that we are not merely being presented with the facts, but becoming involved in Leonardo’s life as his most intimate thoughts and ideas are narrated.

Thanks to striking animations from his sketches, the mind of this apparent misfit becomes comprehensible and his ideas are put into perspective. Everything within the film encourages you to see the world in a different and exciting way, leaving you with a longing to learn more – not just about Leonardo Da Vinci, but also about the world we live in.

This film speaks to all: lovers of art, science, creation, engineering, and most of all, lovers of life.

INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO plays across Picturehouse Cinemas on Tuesday 10th September. For more details click here.

Inside the Mind of Leonardo

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