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Alps_5_Lanthimos_bodyThis Tuesday we screen ALPS across the Picturehouse circuit, Yorgos Lanthimos’ utterly unique follow up to his Academy Award nominated 2009 film DOGTOOTH. Bizarrely funny and moving, ALPS tells the tale of a band of misfits who provide a service to the recently bereaved by role playing as their dead loved ones. ALPS is New Greek Cinema at its most cutting edge, funny and moving and cries out to be seen by a wider audience. Not to be missed.

‘From the Greek filmmakers behind the acclaimed anti-thriller Dogtooth, this fiendishly inventive drama is just as complex and telling.’ Rich Cline, Contact Music

‘Lanthimos delivers another heady dose of weirdness. Loopier than a frog sandwich but rather wonderful.’ Simon Crook, Empire

‘The film takes some deciphering, but once a viewer cracks its code “Alps” opens up into something expansive and rich.’ Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times

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