Hits & Misses

Hits & Misses – SHREK 4 off the pace stateside, STREETDANCE defies sunshine

SHREK FOREVER AFTER (the fourth film in the SHREK series) took the top spot at the American box office this weekend with $71.3m Although it had a very strong opening, for the actual SHREK franchise – figures were disappointing especially bearing in mind the IMAX and 3D surcharges.

SHREK – $42.3m
SHREK 2 – $108m

In the UK, despite the fabulous weather, STREETDANCE 3D, pirouetted into first place with a solid £2.5m.

PRINCE OF PERSIA failed to excite audiences. Reviews have commended Jake Gyllenhaal on his efforts in his first action lead role, but critics were less kind to Gemma Arterton. Quote Andrew Pulver from The Guardian:

“…glowing like a premier-league film star, but yapping like a Britcom third-rater.”

Herzog’s BAD LIEUTENANT lost out to the 27+ degree sunshine this weekend. Fingers crossed audiences make the effort to check out Nic Cage’s superb return to form performance over the coming weeks.

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